Things Hard to Do

Things Hard To Do

Stand up for Christ when you know that it may cause you to lose a friend.

Acknowledge that you have wronged a brother and ask his forgiveness.

Refuse to take a “better job” which might hinder your Christian service.

Attend services when you are too ill to go to work.

Attend services instead of staying home to entertain visiting friends.

Attend evening services and miss your favorite TV show.

Refuse to go “steady” with one who would lead you away from Christ.

Hold your tongue, as Christ did, when people speak evil of you falsely.

Attend services instead of going to a place of amusement.

Give liberally to the Lord, knowing it will deprive you of a new dress or suit.

Refrain from whispering in church services when your neighbor insists upon talking.

Refrain from gossiping when you have a nice “juicy” bit that might hurt your brother.

Speak up boldly when you hear the name of God blasphemed